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Welcome to Phenomenon ON. Population: 1. Your Eyes Only 2. The Gog 3. Phenomenon Ontarionominon - Art 27 JUL 2017

Just wanna wish our great Country a happy 150th birthday. What a great place to live.

Large-size-Canadian-Flag5 MAY 2017

Hey guy’s! awA is going good, I’m over 3 quarters done the recording process & will be done before JULY. Then to mix & master, which doesn’t take nearly as long as recording plus Matt has already started. We decided to not go with a release date until it’s done so we can really dig in on the mixing process without the added stress of time restraints. On this album & my last, I made them right close to the release date. After this album, I’m going back to how I did the 2012 Codex, by having all the songs done far before the release date. Which means the second this album is dropped I’m recording the 2018 Codex. It’s so much more liberating (I find) when there’s no restraints & no possibility’s for set backs. It make’s it easier & more enjoyable to make art. As an artist I’m constantly working to make my life as enjoyable as possible in order to feed my passion with inspiration. Not only do set backs happen in your pro life, they happen in your personal life too & though the pain also feed’s creativity, I ain’t lookin’ for it, it’s just a part of life for us all, unfortunately. I’ve learned allot in the 5 years of Charlie Hoare Lore’s existence. Pre-planning & following through, is a valuable lesson, not only to the Tunesmith, but any type of Smith. Getting thing’s accomplished make’s me stronger & more equipped to deal with the pain. There’s allot of powers at work to control your mind, Charlie Hoare Lore aims to liberate it. Spreading truth, being sympathetic, making yourself better & being real all seem to be out of style, so I’m the real Punk Rocker.

Here’s my favorite Guitar Pedal, The Spring King (spring reverb). Matt suggested it knowing how much I like the Dessert Rock or Surf Rock sound. Mad Surf Rock tune’s on awA. Long live The King!

king 3


The making of awA. Shout out to Long & McQuizznel… who I gotta make a payment to tomorrow.





This concludes the big UK trip. Possibly the best journey of my life so far. What made it so special is that I got to go with my family, my Bro, his Wife (Elroy & Reeb’s), their Kid’s & her Bro (Uncle Ton & Chel’s). Reeb’s & Uncle Tons father, Bampi, passed 5 months before Dad did. He was a quick witted, hilarious Welshman & like Dad, a great guy. We spent most of our time there in Wales near Cardiff with Bampi’s family; a beautiful family, who’s hospitality (& lamb & mashed taters with gravy, plus beer) knew no bounds, & who’s company was a right cracking time! Their crown jewel who lives with them, is Nan (Bampi’s Mom), she’s The Queen’s age & she’s sharper than a tack. She told many great tale’s about Bampi & her own amazing life. They were a lovely lot, the salt of the earth, I thank & love each & every one of them.

I saw the rolling green country side of Wales, & allot of rad castles. From there as I’ve mentioned, we did Cardiff, Bath, Stonehenge, Cots Wolds, & London. The highlight of London was doing ye ol’ Double Decker red bus tour with the family. We got to see the land’s of both Bampi & Dad’s heritage with their Grand Kids & Nan’s Great Grand Kid’s, 4 generations! I consider myself very lucky to have been a part of it. & I’m grateful to get to spend my life with my best friends/family, my Bro & his Wife. Uncle, is the greatest title I’ve ever had. “At the end of the day” family is what it’s all about.

Man… It’s crazy how you don’t notice the unique qualities of your home until you leave & come back. It’s like giant world over here. There’s allot of folks in The UK I’m sure who couldn’t give a damn about a castle or ancient stuff, but to me, I just find Europe in general, incredibly cozy, enchanting, & so inspirational. I have to live there one day.

Chicka check out your main man, yours truly, rockin’ “With A Little Help From My Friends” on Abbey Road in tribute to The Beatles, & dedicated to Bampi, Dad, & all our friends & family. Peace & Love.

charlie road 3.png

Parson Charlie Presents!


Congratulations for an epic year to my great friend Ferragamo Chvcks! It’s been an honor to rock stages with him & the whole Simple Life team. In a span of 5 months he dropped two gem albums Life Is Fun, K & Life is Simple, a multitude of videos & singles, & played all across the city. Last October we went to Supermarket together & he crushed a wicked verse for my tune Pop Tartts, & I sang back up’s on Stay For a While.. it was an awesome night. He can adapt to any musical situation, with a seemingly supernatural speed & accuracy. If you enjoy cutting edge song writing then make Life Simple & tune in. & be sure to give em some like love, shares & subs. Here’s a massive pic from his show at The Piston when he brought me up on stage with him, another wicked night.

Image may contain: 7 people, people smiling, indoor

Big Up’s to the whole Simple Life Gang!


Sup 2017. This is our year. I just made a new page called Codex Lyrics for anyone who’s been wondering what the flip I’ve been talking about over the last few years. One Love.



CHARLIE, like Charlie Chaplin. HOARE, like the HOR in Tim Hortons. LORE, like Folklore.

website background slimmerton tundec-2016

Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday’s, & have an awesome New Year! 2016 was certainly a ball pulverizer. We lost Lemmy & Scott Weiland in late 2015, Prince, David Bowie, Maurice White & Muhammad Ali. All of them have inspired me, but the hardest blow to me was losing Dad. Dad though, was not the type of guy to let the hard time’s of life hold him back.. he was a go getter.. & he wouldn’t want it to break me either. The name of the last Doctor, who told us he was gone… was Muhammad Ali. When I said goodbye to Dad & kissed him for the last time, he was being kept alive by a breathing machine.. I never saw him after he passed. I wanted my last memory of him to be alive.. fighting. & to me, he’s alive forever.. helping me/us in my/our fight. So in 2017, I’m knocking out all bum’s.

The 2017 Codex is 90% written & recording start’s very soon. She’s going to be a Hard Rock/Psychedelic Rock album & her name is awA (pronounced “Away”). But the best part, is that my Musical Brother & Shredsmith Extraordinaire Matt Sabbath is gonna be playing Lead, Drums & Bass on allot of it. Not sure if you guy’s knew this about him, but the guy crushes instruments. & I always love working with great Musicians, because I didn’t really get into this to be a great Musician per se, I’m more of a Poet, Singer-Songrwiter, & Front Man/Performer type guy. The only reason I play instruments is to make songs. I have 10 songs made for awA & it will be dropping this Summer!

Here’s me drinking beer & watching hockey, celebrating Christmas with my family, Canada style. Well wishes & peace on earth, from my family to yours.



“So they can buy the sky and deploy company camera drones worldwide culminating into a continuous live-stream that we all watch, while they watch all of us.”

Watch as GRANDE 24k rox Supermerkato, Kensington Merkato LI, & remember… Crybdcorp is watching you.



This Entertainment Website’s purpose is to uplift you from the day to day monotony & to take you to new thoughts & lands no mind has yet gone. This is why I don’t usually do politics here. My last Codex certainly was political, but it will be my 1st & last. & this post will be my 1st & only political themed post (here anyway).

Enough about me, this time of year is about paying homage to those who’ve suffered from tyranny & those who’ve sacrificed their live’s for the cause of freedom. & though on Remembrance Day every year we put politics aside & bow our heads to them, to me, if we mean it, every other day of the year we need to lift our heads high, involve politics, & give back to them by being the best you can be in any positive thing you do, & by taking part in democracy. I know… I know lots of my friends out there can give a long list of reasons why democracy has failed us, but there’s a list of good to rival it. In my opinion, it’s done more good than any other system to date. I’m not a political scientist, but if you can show me a better system, at least with democracy we can work towards implementing it. Which is also why it can be, understandably, very frightening if the shoe’s on the other foot. The pendulum of democracy swings left & right, with various momentum’s, & if it’s rope breaks it fall’s. The rope is made up of two main materials, which are: Human Rights & Equality. Everyone should be free to live how they want, so long as it doesn’t harm others. Human Rights & Equality mean more to me than any ideology. Democracy does not exist without them. They protect all cultures, & it’s the differences in cultures & people that make the world interesting. & I’ll march beside anyone who’s human rights are stripped from them, cause if they strip theirs, mine will be stripped shortly thereafter. Moreover, it’s just against the laws of God & Man to me. When it comes to color? We all bleed red. Religion? Everyone’s God flows through the same heart, the exact same heart that non believers have. & every child born, deserves the absolute best from us. Remembrance Day is the greatest celebration of Equality, because all races & religions have sacrificed for Human Rights & ultimately our Democracy.

One good way of participating is by joining & helping out at your local Royal Canadian Legion. One of the Legions main focuses is to pressure the government to make sure Vets & Service Men & Woman are given what they deserve. Here is a picture that my Sis took of a field of Poppies in England right near Stonehenge. It was surreal to be there 102 years after WW1 began. Thank you to the real heroes of this world! We will never forget.



It’s my favorite time of year. From it’s origin as the Celtic Samhain, we set our Jack O’ Lantern’s alight, for the spirits that’ve returned, to walk the earth this night. Happy Halloween from the kid in me to the kid in you. 



Let’s take a trip back to The UK for a minute shall we? I was blessed this summer to be able to visit the village of my forefathers: Pewsey England. My Dad’s Grandfather & Great Grandfather (Charlie Jr & Sr) were both from here before they sailed the pond to Toronto. It’s located right in the middle between Cardiff & London & not too far from Stonehenge. Of course, I knew none of this until the night before we went. The night before we were going to Stonehenge, I just happened to be chatting with my Aunt online & she told me about Pewsey etc. So we decided to stop by. We did Stonehenge first that day, so by the time we rolled into town we were so hungry I was about to gnaw my arm off. We were shocked & appalled as North Americans to learn that every kitchen in the village shuts down between lunch & dinner… one of the very few things that’s worse about there than here. With food on our minds, the trip in Pewsey wasn’t destined to last long. We walked the main drag & saw allot of it, or so I thought (check out the Pewsey White Horse). The people there were really nice, & expressed the same interest in & love for Canada as we have for The UK. In the center of town, there stands a statue of King Alfred the Great, 1st King of the Anglo Saxons & the English people… my Grandfathers, my Dad’s & my people. I took this picture looking up to my forefathers with reverence for our culture. All cultures have unique quality’s that make the world great. The English are such an adventurous & culturally accepting people… that’s where I get it from. If ever you get the chance to visit the land of your heritage, I strongly suggest you take it. It’s an enlightening experience like none other.

This is the month of giving thanks here in Canada… & also the same month King Alfred the Great passed. I give thanks to all the great parents, Fathers & Mothers of all creeds & cultures, living & passed. Who’ve worked hard to raise good kids. Who’ve sacrificed to give us opportunities they never had. Who’ve built a civilization where anyone who works hard can live like royalty. & if you’re lucky enough, you have someone who love’s you, & they’re like royalty to you. I feel like Dad orchestrated this whole experience, to show me he’s with me forever, like King Alfred’s with Pewsey forever. & I’ll always look up to him… to me he’s a King.



If you got this card from me over the past few months, you’ve come to the right place. is an Entertainment Website. Here I (Charlie), combine the arts of singer songwriting & story telling (music & myth) by releasing albums & e-books, together, under one concept. This concept is called a Codex. I’ve completed 2 Codex’s (2012 & 2015) to date. You can read them, or listen to them, or both at the same time. I produce singles & side writing projects here too. Or just scroll down this page & check out the monthly reflections of a poets adventure… an adventure I invite you to join me on.

cards 4 website 3

JULY 2016

I recently got back from a 12 day trip to The UK. It was unreal! Before I left I began a UK Free-write to quell the anticipation. It continued throughout the trip & kept me occupied during the grimmest of travel situations. 

UK Free-write

I’m flying high in the sky like I’m on acid
Lookin’ down at the ground & seeing patches
Hoppin’ the Pond & a honky’s got mad quid
Won’t cheer for other footer teams could get my ass kicked
I’m checking castles, Gothic & Neo Classic
Celtic ruin’s, druids & Merlin’s magic
Beware of pick pockets & underhanded tactics
& driving right into oncoming traffic
Like Lennon’s Moms, shit could become tragic
It’s on lock though; I planned it out & mapped it
I’ll take a mad man out with a fuckin’ ratchet
Cause like home, they want us all to be gat-less
Even though we pay their wage with our taxes
Fuck fear, I love like every day’s The Sabbath
& I’m certain that this trip will be fantastic
Where Gareth Bale is the Welsh Joe Sakic
I crack a bottle of ale & then I mash it
At Abby Road where The Beatles made fab hits
& The Wall was built with a rough track mix
Where Stones first shook bones & lived lavish
& up to Space is where Ziggy & them blasted
Where Lewis brought back the strap repin’ the Jack kid
& there’s rifts betwixt Protestants & Catholics
Did they decide to finally bury the hatchet?
Where Shake’s penned with grace Timon of Athens
& plagues bubonic went chronic up off the rat shit
Where those hounds got their first name Basset
& Dracula washed into town in his casket
The Double Decker played the Macho Man Savage
Where Brexit happened & Scots got mad at it
Eating fish n’ chip’s is now officially a habit
Buying booze all night so I’m always half lit
& the ladies with their accents are massive
This is my citizen quiz, I think I passed it

welsh jack

JULY 2016

Check out my brand new video dedicated to the life of my Dad. I was very fortunate to have a great Dad, some people don’t even get one. Please accept this as a token of my sympathy & support to all who’ve lost a loved one. I love you all. 

heavens picture


JUNE 2016

Edwardo Matche… Honky beats a pyro wrap & makes it out unscathed to drop this sic ass Beatles track.

MAY 216

Sizzlin Bakin throw back, circa 2012. Here we are performing @ The Local 269 in New York City.

SBNY 2Sizzlin Bakin: Matt Bakin (vox), The Zark (drumz/vox), R.I.P Charlie (vox)
APRIL d bar

If you don’t feel like reading today, & just want to listen to my tune’s, you can listen anytime for free by going to The Playlists Page.

MAR 2016 bar

These are the works of Charlie Hoare Lore: Charlie (music & myth) & Matt Sabbath (music).


MAR 2016 bar

The last play I acted in was produced by my good friends at The Empty Room Collective & had it’s run in November 2013 in Toronto. It’s also my favorite play that I’ve acted in. It’s a drama about highly intense real life events in WW1 & was written by a WW1 veteran in 1928. Click the link/photo below to read the synopsis. I’m 3rd from the right. 


FEB 2016

In the summer of 2015 I got to see a place I’ve always wanted to see. A few hours drive north of the city, in my home province, there’s a sacred place the First Nation people of Ontario call the Teaching Rocks; Petroglyphs Provincial Park. I drove down a winding forest road that curved & slithered like the Snake, entered the park, drove down a dirt road & followed the sign of the Turtle for at least a kilometer… I remember at one point within that kilometer there was a sign illustrating that I was now officially on Sacred Land. I finally reached the parking lot, got parked, crushed a beer & a smoke, & strolled in. More roads… this time a path. The walk from the parking lot to the location was awesome… I saw smooth holes in the Canadian shield stone, that the Snake travels between worlds through. As I ventured further the awesomness began to quickly diminish thanks to the vicious black flies that pin point your ear with the swiftness & precision of a fighter jet, &, if you allowed them to, would bite a ham-steak outta your forehead. Peppered! “Fuckin’ fuckers!” Not gonna lie, I jogged & swatted the rest of the way. There was a first building, kinda like a museum, where I paid, & then a very short walk from that, the Petroglyphs. I entered the preservation building they were kept in. I observed from a large platform attached to the perimeter of the building, which surrounded & looked down on the massive earth stone & its ancient carvings. I saw the Snake, the Turtle, the Trickster, the People, their Spirits, the Medicine Man… the Universe. I saw the Snake swimming down the little streams, into the holes, & the holes doubled as the Turtles eggs that once upon a time hatched, & became the Earth. The Trickster was laughing about my little episode with the black flies, & soon, it would be time to leave the buildings serenity & face them again… or rather, protect my face from them. Before this though, I stood in awe looking at the Medicine Man. My favorite of them all. The Medicine Man achieved his celestial insights by celebrating life, in order to build the future like the Turtle with her egg’s, & by accepting death with the ease of the Snake slipping back to his home realm… only to return again.

You can’t take pictures of the Petroglyphs themselves. I took this picture in the first museum pay area building. This was at one of the learning stations there, a big lit up picture & it has a really cool message. The carving you see on it is the Medicine Man, or some even say… the Great Spirit. I say both.

final slab down 2

JAN 2016

What a shit start to the year for me. On JAN 11th, after jamming some Bowie songs in tribute, I received the worst phone call of my life. My Dad was in the hospital. He passed on JAN 13th, at age 60 after 3 rollercoaster days. It was a brain hemorrhage. He was asleep the whole 3 days we were with him there. He couldn’t talk… but I sure did talk to him. I told him he was the greatest Father I could ever ask for. And that I’ll love him forever.

Though death in one way crushes us, in another, it teaches us so many great lessons about life. My Dad, was always there for me. & through life he gave me so many gifts, that extend far beyond material things. I got my humor from him, & the greatest gift; Life. He taught me not to hold a grudge, & to always maintain a relationship with your family. & nothing makes me happier at this dark time, to know that although my family & I have certainly had our run in’s over the years, we always kept ties & remained a family, & were never once estranged. My Dad gave us that gift, & I intend to honor it. The last time I saw him was at Christmas. We shook hands, then hugged, & told each other that we loved one another. & he knew that I meant it, & I knew that he did too.

Here’s the speech my family & I (The Hoare House) made for him, which I delivered with my Brothers standing beside me, at his funeral.

Dads Speech: written by The Hoare House, spoken on JAN 18th 2016 at The United Church in Port Perry Ontario.

Today we celebrate the life of Robert Bruce Hoare, known to friends & family as Bobby, or Bob, born May 9th 1955 in Toronto, & passed January 13th 2016, in Toronto.

Work is play. “Work is play” was one of my Dad’s favorite life lessons. He learned it from his father, & imparted it on to his three sons. One of his earliest jobs was a family tradition. His father Bruce Hoare, & his grandfather Charlie Hoare, were Milkmen. These men worked hard delivering milk to families all the way from horse & buggies on dirt roads, to transport trucks on major highways. Driving tractor-trailer was where my Dad cut his teeth & proved to himself that he was a man. From then on his work ethic was set in stone. He also worked hard at the car business, being a fireman, landscaper, manager, tow truck driver… but most importantly, he worked hard at being a partner, a father, a grandfather, he worked hard at being a friend. & as he always said, hard work pays off. In August 2005, he realized his dream when he bought Brian’s Towing here in his beloved hometown Port Perry.

My favorite memories with my Dad, are riding with him just he & I, in the tow truck. We talked about everything. We talked about all of you. He loved to talk about his friends & family, & I loved when he did because you’re all such interesting & amazing people. He loved all of you to no end & I can see why.

In 1976 my Dad’s first son Garth entered this world. At a time when most people thought it best to institutionalize handicapped children, it wasn’t even a question for my Dad. They fought for Garth all the way, & Garth eventually became the first handicapped child in Ontario to attend standard classes in Catholic elementary schools. Garth’s passing brought many questions & many answers & this transition, though it was challenging, rewarded him with allot of new great friends, family members & loved ones.

Now, you might not believe this, but I actually spent a year working in the tow truck business one month. At tow trucking, I was about as useful as a pocket on the back of your shirt. We butted heads, it didn’t work out. & recently I found myself thinking about how me & Dads working relationship didn’t work out, but then I realized that hey, for the last two years I was his landscaper, & it was complete harmony. On the path of life you can’t decide the future. All you can do is the best you can, & it will all work out. Working hard, not just at your career but at relationships & everything you do, shows that you love life. My Father loved life! & though it’s a tragic loss to us all, my Dad got to live his dream! He had the career he wanted, & he had tons of friends & family by his side when he passed into the hands of The Lord. You can’t ask for much more then that. He is survived by his legacy; his five grandchildren.

Humility. Humor. Compassion. Commitment. Patriotism. Supportiveness. A shining example of work ethic. Unconditional love. These are the qualities that best describe my Dad.

Anyway… to make a long story longer, I just want to say from the very bottom of my heart, Dad, we love you, you are a great father, & you are & always will be, our hero.

dad n me feeding

 My Dad & I

DEC 2015

This is a poem by my Great Granddaddy, written in WW1. His birthday was Christmas day. Peace on earth, & all the best this Holiday season & New Year.


By Pte. Frank Walker

With Desolation and the Stars
I lonely vigil keep,
Over the garner’d  fields of Mars,
Watching the dead men sleep-
Huddled together, so silent there.
With bloodless faces and clotted hair,
Wrapped in their long, long sleep!
By uptorn trees and crater rims
Along the Ridge they lie,
Sprawled in the mud, with out-spread limbs,
Wide staring at the sky.
Why to the sky do they always stare,
Questioning heaven in dumb despair?
Why don’t they moan, or sigh?
Why do I rave, ‘neath the callous stars,
At their upturned faces white?
I, surely I, with my crimson scars
Slumber with them this night!
Death, with shadowy finger bare,
Beckons me on to – I know not where;
But, huddled together, and freed from care
We’ll watch till the dawn of light.
From the Somme, 1916

stretcher handle

DEC 2015

This is my “diss track aimed at the whole world album” the 2015 Codex GRANDE 24K. Some feel my dislike for contemporary pop is sour grapes because I haven’t reached a certain level of fame. But the truth is, if I had the option to trade my life for a Pop Tartt’s, I would remain me.. I would remain truthful.. & I would remain the underground, & always will. This isn’t a career choice to me, it’s a spiritual quest. But if you like music that I don’t, that’s fine, I won’t judge you, I’ll still be your friend if you don’t judge me & are cool. In this interwebular case however, you are invited to judge the hell out of me by scrolling to the very bottom of this page & writing a review of my work. Let me know why you think it’s titties or why you think it honk’s on throbo. Or maybe you’re into throbo & not titties.. that’s fine too, I except all criticism so long as it’s got somewhat of a logical point.

2015 Codex cover 4 WEBSITE

DEC 2015

Here’s a picture of me from my journey to PEI in 2014, at the birth place of our great nation. On the right of me is Province House in Charlottetown; where the first 4 provinces, ON, QB, NB & NS formed Canada in 1867 (PEI joined in 1873). On the left is a statue of our soldiers from WW1 who cemented us as a country in the worlds eyes. It’s mixed with a shot of NB from Confederation Bridge.

pei beatnik

DEC 2015

I just released a revision of the 2012 Codex story. The  Music & Myth Page (Codexography) is my main theatre of entertainment. All Codex’s (which are original albums & stories entwined) can be found there. I hope you enjoy reading, watching & listening to them as much as I did making them.focusedguild

DEC 2015

Get instant updates on the latest by clicking the follow link on the lower right corner of this page. My two news sources are here, & the Charlie Hoare Lore Facebook Page. 

blava 2

NOV 2015

Here’s the brand new 2015 Codex promo video. Be sure to set it to 1080p HD by clicking the little mechanical wheel on the bottom right of the YouTube screen. The music of all new Codex’s can be found on the Charlie Hoare Lore YouTube Channel.


NOV 2015

The single Clubfoot Will Blues is now on my Bandcamp Page. It belongs to an on going album, where all future single releases can be found.

willy Bcamp

NOV 2015

Click the link below to watch me perform @ Hunter’s Ale House, Charlottetown PEI. The Parson Charlie YouTube Channel is also home to additional free music & myth.



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  1. A great view into the art….a portal to the soul, if you will….youtube and facebook are fun, but they are not your own brand: this is!

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