Charlie Hoare Lore


MAR 2019———-

Last summer I went on a rampage playing every Open Mic I could in Toronto. Combined with my previous experience playing O.M.’s in the city, I’ve made a list of the Top 5 best. These 5, are pretty much the only ones that are geared for any kind of performance & any genre of music, electronic or acoustic. You can walk in to any as a singer/songwriter or with a full band & expect to play. Each one has a scene & are at the very top of the heap of O.M.’s here in TO.

1. The Hideout

2. Supermarket

3. Amsterdam Bicycle Club

4. B-Side

5. The Cavern


SEP 2018———-

I took a trip back in late June early July with my lovely lady. It was yet another dream trip. We flew to Albuquerque NM & drove through the desert out to LA. Before we went, I made the most massive playlist known to man to drive through the desert with, & I’m gonna share every song from it on Disgracebook with y’all. I call it: the Wild West Playlist!

This is a pic of me on the stairwell where Billy the Kid shot Bell & escaped the jailhouse in Lincoln NM.


AUG 2018———-

Here’s a brand new tune from the upcoming Codex. Like & Sub.

steven skidattler 2

JUL 2018———-

My Cousin Earl is one of my oldest best friends. Even though we’re related I still consider him a friend cause there’s people who are related who’ve never met, let alone speak again. We lived on the same street as kids in Port Perry. Both of our childhood homes can be seen in this video. We went to the same elementary school also in this video. He came & visited in July of last year. We did a sick trip to Algonquin Park then came back to the T & did the Ein-Stein open mic. Just the other week I noticed that our elementary school had been leveled, so it was important to drop this.

We always had a special friendship, & the music was a big part of that. We used to have a band together as kids called The Instruments. We started off as The Young Beatles but figured we needed a bit more of an original name when we dropped our first tape titled “Why Does It Hurt General Custard?”. It was comprised of Earl beat boxing the tune while we dubbed our vocals over it. When we were around 13 Earl moved to Calgary. We always checked in on each other & when he was about 14 or 15 he picked up a guitar & started recording actual tunes. He sent me a tape in our teenage years & it blew my mind. Over the years he continued to send me tapes… & we’d travel across the Country to visit each other. His songs are a major influence on Charlie Hoare Lore.


JUN 2018———-

What a great couple’a weeks its been hitting the Open Mic circuit. I made a list of 10 in the City (Here’s a list I worked from&’ve been doing them since April. I just got all 10 done. Pretty soon I’m gonna release a post that’s gonna be a detailed review of the Top 5 O.M.’s in Toronto. This will help me & my fellow artists from here & abroad.

For those who’ve seen me at one of these O.M.’s the songs I performed are all from my new album: The 2017 Codex – awA (Songs 8, 9, 2 & 3). I’m also performing a cover called Cars Hiss By My Window by The Doors. AND, a brand new collab with Simple Life Gang’s Eddie Match & Chucks! This song is called Never 2 Late & it will be dropping… right here, right now! Click the pic below for the free download.

Much love to SLG & my very talented buddy Edgar, as well as all the cool new people I’ve met. Be sure to like, sub & share on FB YT. Keep rockin!

N2L Done & done

MAY 2018———-

Here’s the vid I shot at Abbey Road in London. In summer 2016 I got to go to the land of my forefathers with my family on pretty much the greatest trip ever. This video is dedicated to our Dad (me & my Bro) & my Sis’s (my bro’s wife) Dad. Two great Fathers who loved the Beatles, their country’s & most importantly, their family’s. We lost them way too early.



APR 2018———-

Catch me rockin’ my new songs around town, town being the T dot mall’fkn O.

cards 4 website 3

MAR 2018———-

If you’re looking for professional quality mixing at a fair rate, Eddie Match is your guy. He’s a formally trained mixing engineer with tons of experience, who always has his finger on the pulse of the audio zeitgeist. He’s great to work with because he has the capacity to be creative & give your song the extra sparkle it may need, yet he’s not hell bent on his own ideas & understands that it’s his clients vision he wants to fulfill most, the mark of a true pro. He mixed & mastered as well as performed on my album “awA” & I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Email him for a quote:

Eddie Match pic

FEB 2018———-

I always knew I’d wind up in the nut house one day. C’mon out n’ see me as R.P. McMurphy in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest at Oshawa Little Theatre. We’ve been rehearsing since OCT & FEB 17th, 18th & 19th are it’s last 3 shows. I’m gonna miss working with this group of very talented people, but I’m sure I’ll work with many of them again. Here’s me n’ Big Chief.

me n cheif

JAN 2018———-

The 2017 Codex story is a collection of old adapted poems, each from a different culture & epoch of the ages. They conjoin to make a case in support of Historian Greg Higley’s observation that the same Goddess has been in contact with Mankind throughout our entire existence. A Goddess the Ancient Zemarites called “awA”.

awa 4 patreon

DEC 2017———-

Check me n’ Ham rockin’ it in the brand new music video for awA by Charlie Hoare Lore.

Charlie Hoare Lore (2017 band)


DEC 2017———-

My friends, all 10 songs of The 2017 Codex – awA are now out (story & vids soon to come). It was a hell of a time makin’ it. As with all my albums I learned so much & to me, this is my favorite work yet here at CHL. Like life, my time making it had it’s high’s & low’s. Low’s, because at time’s it seemed a bit too much like work & felt like I spent too much time with the songs (they’re 2 years old to me now allot of them). High’s because I got to rock with my main man Ham aka Matt Sabbath aka Eddie Match & this album wouldn’t be what it is without him. Half these songs were written (music-wise) in one night in late 2015 when me & Match went down to the rehearsal studio & jammed for a few hours. He was on drums & me on guitar & vox. Songs 4,5,7,8 & 9 were done that night. I riffed on while Ham crushed drums & lyrically I sang some jibber jabber as well as some lyrics I ended up keeping. Songs 2 & 3 were written in the same fashion but on another night in 2015 with another great buddy of mine DJzark The Magician on the skins. 1, 6 & 10 were written the old way. For the most part I kept allot of the structures the same as in the original jams. There was just so much energy & rawness in them, I wanted to keep it that way. Then we rented some drums & recorded them. Then, every Friday he’d come over & I’d have the tracks ready for him to record leads & bass on. I played bass on songs too & did the rhythm guitars. I mixed the softer tunes, & he mixed all the harder tunes & mastered the whole album. In one of my older posts I put a picture up of him playing lead on the couch & put a caption under it saying “Ham shedding blood, sweat & beers for rock n’ roll”. Nothing could be more true. Recording vox is a sweaty job. Playing drums is an even sweatier job. Of course, we were both coppin’ hams (drinkin’ tall boyz) through the whole process, so check on the beers. I never shed any blood, but Match, on the buildup to the second chorus on Set Out, was tearing up the neck so hard he sliced open his finger & it spilled blood onto the fret board. He cleaned that sum’bitch up, & continued shreddin’. It was a symbol… it was a testament to rock n’ roll. To me, that’s what rock n’ roll is all about. To me it’s a celebration of life. & that life will bust you up, break you down… bring you to your knees. & though some never get back up… & some times I question if I can, I still do & that’s where the beauty’s at. To be able to over come to me, is what life is all about. I feel better when I can still get shizz done in the face of adversity. Everything in nature from what I can see is trying desperately to survive, it’s only us weird humans that take ourselves out. & we do this because our weird world is set up to make us believe we’re not enough. Well I’m here to tell you, you are enough. & you have the whole universe pumping through your veins. & when you try, you’re probably gonna find you’ll be able to look at your demons eye to eye & laugh in their face.

I was philophamasizing with my Brother late one night & I came up with a great thought. I don’t know, maybe Joe Rogan brainwashed me with it but I’m pretty sure it’s an original idea. It was that, I think when you look out into space & witness the eternity of the cosmos, it proves to me, that good is far more powerful than evil. Evil is everything that works against life & good is everything that works for it. & though space is certainly chaotic, I would say there’s FAR more harmony throughout it. Haha then later I thought, well what if the whole universe is in the midst of being destroyed & I’m just too small to see it? Either way, I may as well do exactly what the fuck I want to do & go right after the jugular of life like the catamount. Maybe one day I’ll figure it all out & when I do you guys will be the first to know. Until then, always remember, the late great Macho Man Randy Savage once said, “space is the place! ooooohhh yeeeaaaa!!”. Enjoy the new alb. Love Charlie.


DEC 2017———-

Much love to my friends & fans who’ve been runnin’ this road right along side me the whole time. Now together, we merge onto the hyperlink highway of Poetry, Music & the Performing Arts.

electro-hiphop blues-rock B&W MASSIVE

JUL 2017———-

Welcome to Phenomenon ON. Population 1. Your Eyes Only 2. The Gog 3. Phenomenon Ontario

nominon - Art 2

JUL 2017———-

Happy 150th birthday to my beautiful country. What a great place to call home.


JAN 2017———-

Sup 2017. This is our year. I just made a new page called Codex Lyrics for anyone who’s been wondering what the flip I’ve been talking about over the last few years. One Love.


DEC 2016———-

CHARLIE, like Charlie Chaplin. HOARE, like the HOR in Tim Hortons. LORE, like Folklore.

website background slimmerton tun

NOV 2016———-

So they can buy the sky and deploy company camera drones worldwide culminating into a continuous live-stream that we all watch, while they watch all of us.”

Watch as GRANDE 24K rox Supermerkato, Kensington Merkato LI, & remember… Crybdcorp is watching you.


NOV 2016———-

One good way of giving back is by joining & helping out at your local Royal Canadian Legion. One of the Legions main focuses is to make sure Vets & Service Men & Woman are given what they deserve. Here is a picture that my Sis took of a field of Poppies in England right near Stonehenge. It was surreal to be there 102 years after WW1 began. Thank you to the real heroes of this world! We will never forget.


JUL 2016———-

Check out my brand new video dedicated to the life of my Dad & to all who’ve lost a loved one. I love you all. 

heavens picture


JUL 2016———-

I recently got back from a 12 day trip to The UK. It was unreal! Before I left I began a UK Free-write to quell the anticipation. It continued throughout the trip & kept me occupied during the grimmest of travel situations. 

UK Free-write

I’m flying high in the sky like I’m on acid
Lookin’ down at the ground & seeing patches
Hoppin’ the Pond & a honky’s got mad quid
Won’t cheer for other footer teams could get my ass kicked
I’m checking castles, Gothic & Neo Classic
Celtic ruin’s, druids & Merlin’s magic
Beware of pick pockets & underhanded tactics
& driving right into oncoming traffic
Like Lennon’s Moms, shit could become tragic
It’s on lock though; I planned it out & mapped it
I’ll take a mad man out with a fuckin’ ratchet
Cause like home, they want us all to be gat-less
Even though we pay their wage with our taxes
Fuck fear, I love like every day’s The Sabbath
& I’m certain that this trip will be fantastic
Where Gareth Bale is the Welsh Joe Sakic
I crack a bottle of ale & then I mash it
At Abby Road where The Beatles made fab hits
& The Wall was built with a rough track mix
Where Stones first shook bones & lived lavish
& up to Space is where Ziggy & them blasted
Where Lewis brought back the strap repin’ the Jack kid
& there’s rifts betwixt Protestants & Catholics
Did they decide to finally bury the hatchet?
Where Shake’s penned with grace Timon of Athens
& plagues bubonic went chronic up off the rat shit
Where those hounds got their first name Basset
& Dracula washed into town in his casket
The Double Decker played the Macho Man Savage
Where Brexit happened & Scots got mad at it
Eating fish n’ chip’s is now officially a habit
Buying booze all night so I’m always half lit
& the ladies with their accents are massive
This is my citizen quiz, I think I passed it


MAY 2016———-

Check this awesome cover of The Beatle’s “I’m So Tired” by my honky Eddie Match.

daddy match


APR 2016———-

These are the works of Charlie Hoare Lore: Charlie (music & myth) & Matt Sabbath (music).


MAR 2016———-

The last play I acted in had it’s run in November 2013 in Toronto. It’s a drama about highly intense real life events in WW1 & was written by a WW1 veteran in 1928. Click the link/photo below to read the synopsis. I’m 3rd from the right. 


MAR 2016———-

If you don’t feel like reading today, & just want to listen to my tune’s, you can listen anytime for free by going to The Playlists Page.



FEB 2016———-

In the summer of 2015 I got to see a place I’ve always wanted to see. A few hours drive north of the city, in my home province, there’s a sacred place the First Nation people of Ontario call the Teaching Rocks; Petroglyphs Provincial Park. I drove down a winding forest road that curved & slithered like the Snake, entered the park, drove down a dirt road & followed the sign of the Turtle for at least a kilometer… I remember at one point within that kilometer there was a sign illustrating that I was now officially on Sacred Land. I finally reached the parking lot, got parked, crushed a beer & a smoke, & strolled in. More roads… this time a path. The walk from the parking lot to the location was awesome… I saw smooth holes in the Canadian shield stone, that the Snake travels between worlds through. As I ventured further the awesomness began to quickly diminish thanks to the vicious black flies that pin point your ear with the precision of a fighter jet, &, if you allowed them to, would bite a ham-steak outta your forehead. Peppered! “Fuckin’ fuckers!” Not gonna lie, I jogged & swatted the rest of the way. There was this first building, kinda like a museum, where I paid, & then a very short walk from that, the Petroglyphs. I entered the preservation building they were kept in. I observed from a large platform attached to the perimeter of the building, which surrounded & looked down on the massive earth stone & its ancient carvings. I saw the Snake, the Turtle, the Trickster, the People, their Spirits, the Medicine Man… the Universe. I saw the Snake swimming down the little streams, into the holes, & the holes doubled as the Turtles eggs that once upon a time hatched, & became the Earth. The Trickster was laughing about my little episode with the black flies, & soon, it would be time to leave the buildings serenity & face them again… or rather, protect my face from them. Before this though, I stood in awe looking at the Medicine Man. My favorite of them all. The Medicine Man achieved his celestial insights by celebrating life, in order to build the future like the Turtle with her egg’s, & by accepting death with the ease of the Snake slipping back to his home realm… only to return again.

You can’t take pictures of the Petroglyphs themselves. I took this picture in the first museum pay area building. This was at one of the learning stations there, a big lit up picture & it has a really cool message. The carving you see on it is the Medicine Man, or some even say… the Great Spirit. I say both.

final slab down 2

DEC 2015———-

Merry Christmas, peace on Earth & all the best this New Year. This is my Great Granddaddy’s book of poetry & memoirs from WW1. He’s one of the main reasons I became a poet.

stretcher handle

DEC 2015———-

Here’s a picture of me from my journey to PEI in 2014, at the birth place of our great nation. On the right is Province House in Charlottetown; where the first 4 provinces, ON, QB, NB & NS formed Canada in 1867 (PEI joined in 1873). On the left is a statue of our WW1 Soldiers who cemented us as a country in the worlds eyes. It’s mixed with a shot of NB from Confederation Bridge.

pei beatnik

DEC 2015———-

My 2 news sources are 1) Here at & 2) Facebook, which you can keep up with by liking the Charlie Hoare Facebook Page.

blava 2

DEC 2015———-

I just released the revision of The 2012 Codex story. All Codex’s (which are albums & stories entwined) can be found on the Music & Myth Page.


 NOV 2015———-

The single Clubfoot Will Blues is now on my Bandcamp Page. It belongs to an on going album, where all future single releases can be found.

willy Bcamp

 NOV 2015———-

Click the link below to watch me perform @ Hunter’s Ale House in Charlottetown PEI. & be sure to subscribe to the Charlie Hoare Lore YouTube Channel.

Will live



In late 2015 I came up with the World Mirror, a fun riff on the News Papers of the Past. It’s an ongoing series of monthly posts that document my life going into the Future. (The above post was it’s first one, this was written in 2018. Below is the original WM banner, click it to go back to the top)



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  1. A great view into the art….a portal to the soul, if you will….youtube and facebook are fun, but they are not your own brand: this is!

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